New M.Div. Program Director


We are very pleased to welcome Kris Brackett as the new course director for the M.Div. program at EBTC.

Kris is a long-time missionary, Bible teacher, and elder who completed his own M.Div. in 1996 and his Th.M. in 1998 at The Master’s Seminary. Together with his wife Nina, he was sent to assist Misko Horvatek in building and strengthening the church in Croatia.

He served for many years in the city of Krapina both as an elder at Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC) and as assistant director of the Theological Bible Academy (TBA), where he taught hermeneutics, homiletics and other subjects. One of his primary goals in teaching was to equip godly men for church ministry. The influence of the ministry has spread throughout the region and today reaches as far as Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

The M.Div. course at EBTC is done in cooperation with other European TMAI training centers and equips proven men for pastoral ministry to teach and preach God’s Word with care and accuracy.