In 2001 we began with the equivalent of a Master of Divinity, but soon realized, that a more fundamental training was necessary. To teach the students how to read, understand and apply the Word of God to their lives, we launched the Bible Survey and Expository Preaching courses in 2005.

The Bible Survey class lays the foundation for the subsequent courses. Our main emphasis during the following years was to equip preachers; at the same time we began to offer counseling seminars.

In 2010 the time had come to add a separate course on Biblical Counseling to our program. The objective of this course is to understand the Word of God and to apply this truth to specific situations of church members. Our complete confidence in the sufficiency of Scripture saturates every EBTC teaching and ministry.

The EBTC strives to support and work in close partnership with the local church. The set-up of our courses enables staff members, pastors and preachers to be equipped for ministry while continuing in their ministry and job.

Our first employees, Martin Manten and Theo Friesen, gave up career and studies, achieved theological training and got involved in all the aspects of building up the Bible school. As relationships to Switzerland grew, we were able to establish our second campus in Zurich at the premises of the Mitternachtsruf in 2006. In 2011 our third campus in Rhineland, was founded at the Bibelgemeinde Oberberg.  In 2016 we opened our fourth campus in Vienna. In 2017 we began Music Ministry.

The Scripture based, bi-vocational and church related concept of the EBTC has become a model for other training centers. Therefore, we have the privilege to help establish similar schools in Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy and Scandinavia.
We know that the EBTC is the Lord’s work and are infinitely grateful for His abundant blessings. We thank Grace Community Church and The Master’s Academy International (TMAI) for their faithful support over the years.

Through all the expansion and a vastly growing budget, we have experienced God’s provision over and over again. In this way, the Lord has also provided the EBTC with a facility which we were able to purchase and is housing a new church plant, too.

I am pleased to announce the birth of the European Bible Training Center (EBTC), Berlin.
The Training Center is intended to serve the purpose of equipping people for the work of ministry (Eph. 4:11).
It will be church-focused. This means that the men who attend this Training Center are equipped for the exposition of the Scripture and the pastoral ministry. In other words, the men trained at the EBTC are being prepared to strengthen the body of Christ in Germany.
… I can not imagine a more direct and effective way to strengthen the church of Jesus in Germany. I am convinced that you are just as enthusiastic about this Training Center and the opportunities for ministry as I am.
Please pray for the EBTC.

For the Lord,
Yours, John MacArthur
September 2001