Life and ministry of a shepherd

Our calling to pastor a local church of Jesus Christ is a special privilege with extraordinary responsibility. Every true pastor/shepherd will serve the sheep that have been entrusted to him, will get to know them, feed them, and protect them. We carry out this task under the authority and instruction of the Lord and Savior of the church, Jesus Christ.

God works through us in his church to lead people to salvation, to sanctify them, to correct them, and to protect them.

The theme of the 2018 Shepherds Conference is “The Pastor’s Life and Ministry.” As Jesus’ shepherds we want to dive into God’s Word and remind ourselves of God’s plan for his church and its leaders. We want to grow in every area of our calling: in our commitment to a holy life, in the clear preaching of the truth, in ministry to the individual souls of the church members, and in the equipping of faithful men. We pray that God would use this conference to do an incredible work in building his church and to glorify his name.

For many years the Shepherds Conference has been a well-loved opportunity for men in church leadership to be refreshed, stimulated, directed, motivated, instructed, and encouraged in biblical ministry as servants of our chief Shepherd.

We are excited to see you in Wittenberg in May of 2018!

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Conference Speaker

Rick Holland

Rick is Senior Pastor at Mission Road Bible Church (Kansas, USA) and professor at The Expositors Seminary.

John Glass

John is a pastor and church planter of an international French-speaking church in Geneva, Église Évangélique Internationale de Genève. Before that, he served for many years as a pastor in France and Switzerland.

Christian Andresen

Christian is Church Planter of Eckstein Gemeinde Berlin und president of the EBTC.

Martin Manten

Martin is a church planter and pastor of Hoffnung und Licht Turbenthal. He is director of the EBTC location in Switzerland.

Benedikt Peters

Benedikt serves at a church in Arbon, Switzerland. He is the author of numerous books and teaches theology at the EBTC.

EBTC teachers

EBTC teachers will hold various seminars.

Pre-Conference: Workshop on Expository Preaching with Rick Holland

Für Männer im regelmäßigen Predigtdienst bieten wir in diesem Jahr die Pre-Konferenz zum Thema Auslegungspredigt an. Rick Holland wird in den Vorträgen die Überzeugung zur auslegenden Predigt mit Frische in Erinnerung rufen.

This workshop on expository preaching is intended for men in teaching-/ preaching ministry. In these lectures, Rick Holland will recall the conviction of expository preaching with freshness.

Wednesday 2:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Thursday 9:00-12:00 a.m.


ab 12:00 registration

14:00 Main session 1.Peter 5:1-4 Rick Holland
15:30 Coffee  
16:00 Seminars
Romans 15:20 Heinz Flütsch
Luke 16:1-15 Theo Friesen
Psalm 1 Eberhard Dahm
1.Thess 5:14 Mike Leister
1.Tim 3:11 Kim Holland, Meg Glass, Sheryl Andresen
17:00 Dinner at leisure  
19:00 Main session 1.Peter 3:7 Christian Andresen


9:00 Main Session Romans 12:3 Benedikt Peters
10:30 Coffee    
11:00 Main Session 2.Timothy 2:15 John Glass
12:30 Lunch    
14:15 Seminars
John 21:15-17 Martin Manten
Ephesians 5:25-27; Titus 2:3-5 Nick Kalena
Matthew 28:18-20 Marco Bartholomä
1.Peter 3:1-6 Kim Holland, Meg Glass, Sheryl Andresen
15:15 Coffee    
16:00 Main Session & Panel Discussion  1.Timothy 5:22 Martin Manten
17:00 Dinner at leisure    
19:00 Main Session 2.Timothy 2:2 Rick Holland


9:00 Main Session Acts 6:4 Benedikt Peters
10:30 Coffee    
11:00 Panel Discussion: Q & A   Rick Holland
John Glass
Benedikt Peters
Christian Andresen
Martin Manten
12:30 Lunch    
14:15 Main Session 2.Tim 3:16-4,5 Rick Holland
15:15 Coffee    
16:00 Main Session  2.Cor 4 John Glass


The Shepherds’ Conference will take place in the Stadthaus Wittenberg, as in recent years:

Mauerstraße 18
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Conference Gift Package

The EBTC will give out a conference gift package to every conference attendee with some special surprises

Special Offerings

You will find the EBTC book table, the souvenir shop, the conference information table etc. In the Stadthaus you’ll find EBTC information tables about the programs of the EBTC, as well as other information tables from TMAI, Grace To You, Mitternachtsruf, Radio Neue Hoffnung, Missionswerk Heukelbach, NBS Netzwerk Biblische Seelsorge, and Logos Bibelsoftware..


Breakfast: If you stay in one of the EBTC locations (youth hostel, etc.), breakfast will be included.

Coffee & Snacks will be provided at the conference and is included in the conference fee

Lunch will be provided at the conference and is included in the conference fee.

Dinner: You are free to enjoy a German meal in one of the excellent restaurants in Wittenberg


For more information, please contact [email protected]

Cities in relation to Luther and the Reformation


by car

At the Stadthaus there is a parking garage with daily fee.

by plane

We recommend to choose Berlin Tegel (TXL) or Berlin Schönefeld (SXF) as arrival airport. From there, there are various ways to get to Wittenberg:

via Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)

From Tegel you take the TXL bus to Hauptbahnhof (central station). From the airport at Schönefeld you take the S-Bahn or Regionalbahn (train) to the Hauptbahnhof (central station). You can use the BVG website/app for public transportation.

From the Hauptbahnhof (central station) please take the train to Wittenberg.

rental car

At the airport Tegel and Schönefeld there are some rental car stations.


Destination statin is Lutherstadt Wittenberg Hauptbahnhof.

There is at least one train every hour from Berlin Hbf to Wittenberg (ICE: 40min, RE: 1: 17h). Depending on the type of train, travel costs usually range between € 21 and € 31.
The Regional Express (RE) takes significantly longer, but costs less.
The Inter City Express (ICE) is the fastest train, but costs more.
You can view more information about train connections on the Deutsche Bahn website (from “Berlin HBF” to “Lutherstadt Wittenberg”).


In particular, we invite the leaders, men in responsibilities within the local church and men who seek this service. Of course, participation is open to anyone interested in the topic of leadership and pastoral ministry. Specifically, we invite the wives of the leaders to accompany their husband and be encouraged in their special role as pastor of a shepherd.

Conference Costs

Conference Thu-Sat: 180 €

New! Accompanying wife: 100 €

Tagesgast Thursday: 60 €

Tagesgast Friday: 80 €

Tagesgast Saturday: 70 €

Overnight at the youth hostel Wittenberg

Thursday to Saturday, with breakfast (2 nights): 70 €

Wednesday to Saturday or Thursday to Sunday, with breakfast (3 nights): 105 €

Wednesday to Sunday, with breakfast (4 nights): 140 €