Teacher in Focus: Ralph Knoll

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Teacher · Dean of the EBTC Vienna

After many years in the watchmaking industry, Ralph went through the preaching and counselling program at EBTC and is now studying theology. He serves at Evangeliums-Christengemeinde Berlin-Hellersdorf as preacher and in children’s ministry. Ralph teaches Bible survey and practical theology. He is married to Kirstin and they have four children.

Ralph oversees EBTC Vienna and also has administrative functions. He also organises seminars and conferences.

Prayer Requests

  • Praise for Bible survey in Austria and the opportunity to serve there
  • Praise for the family and kids and pray for the salvation of our children
  • Pray for growth of EBTC Austria and also for new opportunities to serve the churches and help them in equipping believers for ministry
  • Prey for balance in family, EBTC and church

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