2021 Anniversary: 20 Years of EBTC

It‘s very hard to believe that it has been 20 years of ministry at EBTC there in Germany, and all across Europe. Nothing is more encouraging to me than long-term faithfulness in the ministry. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your loving service to our Lord. Thank you for believing the Word of God. Thank you for taking the great commission and going. Thank you for training leaders, which is so absolutely critical. I have some wonderful memories of the times when I was able to be a part of your ministry several times in several places and obviously to this day, they are very precious and vivid memories. May the Lord give you many more years of fruitful service until he comes to take us all to glory.
John MacArthur
Pastor at Grace Community Church, Los Angeles


Sent to Go ...

In 2001, Grace Community Church, L.A., sent out TMAI member Christian Andresen who set out to found the EBTC (European Bible Training Center) in Berlin under the leadership of Dr. John MacArthur. 

In the wake of 9/11, air travel restrictions and flight cancellations made it impossible for the American speakers to attend the first German Shepherds’ Conference in person. A total of six telephone lines had to be installed for some of the general sessions to be broadcasted via telephone conference. 

Classes began for the first time in the fall of 2001 at Christburg Campus of the FESB (Free Evangelical School Berlin), a Christian school in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. The three-year program also included Greek and Hebrew classes but it soon became evident that the requirements and the work load were far too high.


Our First Teachers: Dieter Borchmann, Cary Green and Christian Andresen
The First Class

September: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “Equipping Men for Ministry”)


Study Bible

The first copy of the German MacArthur Study Bible was presented in Geneva on the 20th of September. 

Presentation of the First German MacArthur Study Bible
In Class: "Biblical Greek for Beginners“

January: Seminar on Church History I with Dr. Christopher Catherwood



EBTC classes were held by Christian Andresen, Dieter Borchmann and Cary Green on the upper floor of the premises of Bibelgemeinde in Berlin-Wartenberg. 

The First Three-Year-Long Class
German Shepherds‘ Conference
German Shepherds‘ Conference

January: Seminar on Church History II with Dr. Christopher Catherwood 

August: Hermeneutics Seminar with Detlev Fleischhammel

September: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “Equipping Men“)

And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.
2 Timothy 2:2


Bible Survey

Sadly, after three years of classes, only three of the original 18 students graduated. This experience showed that some drastic changes needed to be made to the EBTC schedule and curriculum. The new program “Bible Survey,” designed to lay a solid foundation of basic Bible knowledge, launched with 16 students.

The Evangeliums-Christen-Gemeinde in Berlin-Hellersdorf graciously offered their facilities to be used as classrooms.

The First Three Graduates
The First "Bible Survey“ Class
German Shepherds‘ Conference

January: Apologetics Seminar with Dr. Martin Erdmann (Theme: “The Life of Jesus“)

September: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “The Shepherd and His Sheep”)


Expository Preaching

The new two-year program “Expository Preaching” was launched with 19 students, the majority of whom are now actively involved in pastoral ministry.

The First "Expository Preaching“ Class
In Class (Practical Theology)
In Class (Homiletics)

January: Counseling Seminar with Jim Pile

September: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “Preach with Passion”)

The proclamation of the written Word needs to center on the person and work of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word.
For the Love of the Truth
Thesis #41


Second Campus

Upon growing interest in a second campus in the southern parts of the German-speaking world, the extension training center in Zurich/Dübendorf opened its doors on the premises of Midnight Call Ministries (Mitternachtsruf), where they meet to this day. We are deeply grateful for the long-standing brotherly partnership. The first “Bible Survey” class started out with 17 students in September 2006. Only a year later, “Expository Preaching” was added to the curriculum in Zurich. 

Opening Conference EBTC Zurich
German Shepherds‘ Conference
Opening Conference: John MacArthur and Martin Manten

May: Seminar on Church History with Dr. Martin Erdmann

May: Opening Conference EBTC Zurich 

May: Counseling Seminar with Jim Pile

May: Exposition on Titus with Greg Stoever

September: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “Foundations of the Church“)

December: Teacher Training, Zurich


Russian Ministry

Due to the great need for well-trained men in the numerous Russian-speaking congregations of Berlin, the EBTC entered into a Russian-speaking ministry for six years. The first Russian “Bible Survey” class started in 2007, followed in 2008 by the two-year program “Church Ministry”. While “Bible Survey” was taught by local teachers only, each month one or two teachers had to fly in from Ukraine to teach the “Church Ministry” class. Special support came from Alexey Kolomiytsev and his church Word of Grace in Oregon, USA. In 2010 he was the main speaker at the Russian Shepherds’ Conference in Berlin. 

Graduation of the First "Expository Preaching“ Class
Museum Visit with Dr. Roger Liebi
In Class: Ken Fuller and Martin Manten
The First Russian "Bible Survey“ Class

January: Introductory Seminar into the OT/NT with Dr. Roger Liebi

May: Apologetics Seminar with Oliver Schulz

June: Teacher Training 

June: Archaeology/Geography with Ken Fuller 

August: Counseling Seminar 1 & 3 with Dr. John Street & Jim Pile

September: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “Protecting the Flock of God”)

From the beginning, we were privileged to have known the EBTC as a source of blessing. In their love for the Word of God, the teachers have served as faithful examples to our co-laborers at the ECG churches as well as for the next generation. It is an honor to host the EBTC in Berlin.
Johann Friesen
Pastor at the ECG Berlin-Hellersdorf


Pastoral Ministry

The EBTC exists to teach men how to handle the Word of God with precision and accuracy. This mission, however, requires specific training, a basic knowledge of the original Bible languages and an introduction into pastoral ministry. With the addition of the bi-vocational master’s program MANT (Master of Arts in New Testament Studies) in 2008, another milestone was reached.

German Shepherds‘ Conference
Seminar: Exposition of Mark Clay Miller and Christian Andresen
Counseling Seminar with Dr. John Street and Jim Pile
Graduates of 2008, Berlin

June: Exposition on The Gospel of Mark with Clay Miller

August: Seminar on The Basics of Counseling with Dr. John Street & Jim Pile 

August: Marriage & Family Seminar with Dr. John Street & Jim Pile

September: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “The Great Commission”)


German Shepherds’ Conference in Bonn

In 2009, the German Shepherds’ Conference with John Piper, Steve Fernandez and Johannes Pflaum as main speakers was hosted by an EBTC graduate’s church in Bonn. He had been a student in the very first “Expository Preaching” class.

Parenting Seminar with Dr. Tedd Tripp
"Expository Preaching“ Class, Switzerland
German Shepherds‘ Conference: John Piper, Martin Manten, Steve Fernandez
Shepherds‘ Conference

April: Parenting Seminar with Dr. Tedd Tripp (Theme: “Shepherding a Child’s Heart“)

May: Seminar on The Reliability of the Bible with Dr. Roger Liebi

August: Seminar on Difficult Counseling Cases with Dr. John Street & Jim Pile

August: Marriage & Family Seminar with Dr. John Street & Jim Pile

October: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “Knowing and Living Jesus Christ”)


Biblical Counseling

Over the years, the great need for biblical counseling demanded increasing attention. It is a vital part of the mandate to the local church. Up until this point, this need was catered to by a few basic seminars but in 2010, the program “Biblical Counseling” was added to the curriculum in order to offer a more systematic and comprehensive approach to the subject. For this very purpose Christian Andresen had undergone a full year of additional training at The Master’s College. Later, in 2015, the one-year program was extended to two years.

Alexey Kolomiytsev
Seminar on Church History
Graduates of 2010, Berlin

January: Russian Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “The Influence of the Church in Today’s World”)

May: Seminar on Church History with Dr. Christopher Catherwood

September: Exposition on 1 Peter with Dr. Gregory Harris

November: First Study Trip to Greece with Dr. Mike Abendroth (Theme: “Exposition of 1 Corinthians“)

December: Russian Counseling Seminar

The ultimate goal of discipleship and sanctification is not the alleviation or solution of man’s problems, but the glorification of God.
For the Love of the Truth
Thesis #67


10th Anniversary

EBTC graduates began church planting in Rhineland, West Germany. This new Bible Church Oberberg opened its doors to host the third EBTC location on class weekends.

There was more to celebrate in 2011: At the anniversary conference in Lage with Dr. John MacArthur, the EBTC celebrated its 10th anniversary and the graduation of the first MANT class.

First Study Trip to Israel
German Shepherds‘ Conference
The First MANT Graduates
Christian Andresen

January: Seminar on The Reliability of the Bible with Dr. Roger Liebi

February: First Study Trip to Israel 

May: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “Scripture’s Impact on the Life of Believers and the Church”)

August: Counseling Seminar with Jim Pile & Dr. John Street (Zurich & Berlin) 

September: Exposition on Romans 1-8 (Russian)

September: Exposition on The Gospel of John with Carl Hargrove

October: EBTC Anniversary Conference with Dr. John MacArthur (Theme: “God’s Word – Timeless and Contemporary“)

October: Russian Conference with Alexey Kolomiytsev



With the MAOT (Master of Arts in Old Testament Studies) another English bi-vocational master’s program was introduced in 2012. Its focus was on the Old Testament and the Hebrew language.

Dr. Wolfgang Nestvogel
German Shepherds‘ Conference
Counseling Class, Rhineland
German Shepherds‘ Conference: Martin Manten

January: Seminar on Church History with Dr. Wolfgang Nestvogel

March: Apologetics Seminar with Ievgenii Petrenko (Russian)

May: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “Keep a Close Watch on Yourself”)

August: Counseling Seminar with Jim Pile & Dr. John Street (Zurich & Berlin)

September: Exposition on Titus (Greg Stoever) 

September: Russian Seminar with Ruslan Kachur 



The German Shepherds’ Conference was held in Wittenberg for the first time, with Chris Mueller, Benedikt Peters and Johannes Pflaum as the featured speakers.  

Parenting Seminar with Dr. Tedd Tripp
Graduates of 2013, Rhineland
German Shepherds‘ Conference in Wittenberg
Graduation Rhineland: Matthias Fröhlich

January: Seminar on The Reliability of the Bible with Dr. Benedikt Peters 

April: Parenting Seminar with Dr. Tedd Tripp (Theme: “Instructing a Child’s Heart”)

May: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “The Church of the Living God”)

June: Apologetics Seminar with Dr. James White (Theme: “Cults and False Religion”)

August: Counseling Seminar with Dr. John Street

September: Seminar with Dr. Jim Cecy (Theme: “Sexual Purity”)

September: Exposition on Genesis with Brad Pixley


Church Planting

2014 brought church planting to the forefront. The EBTC wants to see healthy churches planted by offering:  

a)  seminars and workshops on church planting, both for young churches and for well-established churches who aspire to plant churches

b)  a forum for various church planting teams to share their experiences and encourage one another

c)  financial support for new church plants, gradually decreasing over time.

In the fall of 2014, the seasoned missionary and church planter Stephen Lonetti taught the first of three modules on church planting, henceforth to be offered as an annual workshop. Four new churches were born out of these early workshops: Hope and Light (Hoffnung und Licht, Turbenthal, CH), Cornerstone Church Berlin (Eckstein Gemeinde Berlin, DE), Evangelical Free Church Lighthouse (Evangelische Freikirche Leuchtturm, Berlin, DE) and Grace Church Berlin (Gnadengemeinde Berlin, DE). Other churches received guidance on how to take the first steps toward church planting. 

Russian Shepherds‘ Conference: Alexey Kolomiytsev
German Shepherds‘ Conference: Dr. Steve Lawson and Martin Manten
First Church Planting Seminar with Dr. Stephen Lonetti

January: Seminar on Church History with Dr. Wolfgang Nestvogel

May: Russian Shepherds’ Conference with Alexey Kolomiytsev, Wittenberg 

June: German Shepherds’ Conference with Dr. Steve Lawson (Theme: “The Cross-Centered Life”)

June: Russian Conference with Dr. Alexey Prokopenko

August: EBTC Staff Training Retreat, Sassnitz 

September: Seminar with Dr. Michael Vlach (Theme: “A Biblical Theology of the Kingdom of God”)

October: First Church Planting Seminar with Dr. Stephen Lonetti

If we merely assume that the gospel is well-known by this generation, it will surely be forgotten and neglected by the next.
For the Love of the Truth
Thesis #93


Vienna Campus

After many Austrians had expressed their interest in the EBTC, plans were made for another EBTC satellite campus in Vienna, inaugurated in 2016. Initially, “Bible Survey” was the only program offered. “Profitable Bible Study” was added in 2020.

German Shepherds‘ Conference: Carey Hardy and Martin Manten
Graduation Rhineland
Study Trip to Rome
German Shepherds‘ Conference: Dr. Benedikt Peters

January: Seminar on The Reliability of the Bible with Dr. Benedikt Peters

May: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “Biblical Counseling and the Pursuit of Sanctification”)

July: Bible Survey Seminar in Vienna (Theme: “All’s Well That Begins Well?”)

September: Exposition on Hebrews with Dr. James White

October: Bible Survey Seminar in Vienna (Theme: “Suffering and Discipleship – 1 & 2 Peter“) 

November: MANT & ThM Study Trip to Rome  


New Office Space

In 2016, the EBTC moved into its newly acquired and remodeled office space at An der Schillingbrücke 4 in Berlin-Mitte. On Sundays, it is used by the Cornerstone Church Berlin. The rooms are also rented out externally for seminars and workshops.

In order to support the development of local European training centers with a focus on discipleship, expository preaching and the training of church leaders, the training center leaders began to gather at an annual fall TMAI EU Summit. Participating countries include Albania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, as well as potential members such as England, Finland, Israel, Lebanon, Poland and Romania.

TMAI EU Summit
In Class: Eberhard Dahm
In Class: Christian Andresen
German Shepherds‘ Conference: Paul Washer and Martin Manten

January: Seminar on Church History with Dr. Wolfgang Nestvogel

March: Counseling Seminar in Vienna with Dr. John Street

April: Second MANT & ThM Study Trip to Greece with Dr. William Barrick 

May: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “The Power of the Gospel”)

June: Anniversary Conference – 15 years EBTC


Reformation Conference

With 1,200 guests in five days and sermons in three languages, the Reformation Conference was our biggest conference yet! 18 main speakers, 30 seminar speakers (a total of 53 hours of sermon time), all of the new publications, and the 95 new theses for our generation – all were united by the themes of the Reformation: Sola Scriptura, Solus Christus, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Soli Deo Gloria. 

The fall of 2017 saw the launching of “Music Ministry,” a new program to equip singers, musicians and others with biblical principles and practical direction for congregational worship.

The M.A.NT and the M.A.OT were replaced by the new English bi-vocational master’s program Master of Divinity (M.Div.). Over 30 men from twelve countries are currently enrolled to be equipped for pastoral ministry and learn how to handle God’s Word with care and accuracy.

Reformation Conference: William Barrick and Theo Friesen
Reformation Conference
Reformation Conference
Chris Friesen

January: Seminar on The Reliability of Scripture with Dr. Benedikt Peters

May: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “Reformation“)

September: Exposition on Daniel with Eberhard Dahm


Profitable Bible Study

Two major milestones were celebrated in 2018.

In May, the fully translated first year material of Generations of Grace was published. This comprehensive resource for children’s Sunday School, comprising a teacher book, a family devotional, a craft book, an activity book, an illustration book, a colouring book and Bible verse cards, is now used by over 920 Sunday School teachers and 1,050 families for daily family devotions. It is designed to take the next generation through the entire Bible (Genesis through Revelation) over the course of three years. To date, all volumes have been completed and published. The material is constantly being revised and supplemented. The teacher’s book and the family devotional are already on their second edition.

The second milestone in 2018 was reached with the new program “Profitable Bible Study” which was designed to bridge the gap between “Bible Survey” and the more advanced programs. The students are to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and the History of Redemption, be equipped with Bible study tools, and be prepared for church ministry. Two years were needed to plan and coordinate the different classes. By 2021, over 330 students had graduated “Profitable Bible Study,” and many of them are eager to implement what they have learned and in turn teach others in their churches.  

Seminar on Church History
German Shepherds‘ Conference: John Glass and Michael Leister
Generations of Grace

January: Seminar on Church History with Dr. Wolfgang Nestvogel

May: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “Life and Ministry of a Shepherd”)

September: Exposition on Zechariah with Ken Fuller

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.
Joshua 1:8



2019 was a year filled with study trips and training for staff and teachers of the EBTC. Many joined the two-week study trip to the Shepherds’ Conference in L.A. and an intense Weekender with 9Marks in Washington D.C. with Mark Dever, Jonathan Leeman and the team from Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

In the fall, Jean-Marie Fahmy held a seminar on planning and leadership development for all European TMAI training centers in Tirana, Albania. 

German Shepherds‘ Conference
German Shepherds‘ Conference: Thomas Hochstetter
In Class: Nick Kalena

January: Seminar on The Reliability of the Bible with Dr. Benedikt Peters

March: Study Trip to the Shepherds’ Conference and a 9Marks-Weekender with Mark Dever (CHBC, Washington) 

May: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “The Person and the Work of the Holy Spirit”)

September: Exposition on Romans with Dr. Wolfgang Nestvogel

October: TMAI-Summit and Seminar with Jean-Marie Fahmy in Tirana, Albania 

October: Church Planting Seminar with Dr. Stephen Lonetti



Despite the many challenges, the COVID-19 year – also the year of video calls and online conferences – brought much joy and encouragement.

Classes continued in all locations, in spite of lockdowns, curfews, travel and gathering bans, and mandatory mask-wearing and testing. At first, most classes had to be taken online and taught via zoom (well over 1,200 hours of classes were streamed online!) but as soon as regulations permitted, we went back to in-class teaching. It took the efforts and creativity of everyone involved (students, teachers, church, kitchen team etc.).

Bible Survey Express: As many believers had reduced work hours or worked from home, “Bible Survey” was offered in a new express format which allows students to complete the program within five months. 90 students graduated despite the heavy workload.

Biblical Doctrine finally went to press after 25 months of hard work, translation, editing and typesetting. With 1,350 pages of systematic theology it is the EBTC’s most extensive work to date. 1,700 copies have already been sold. Its purpose is to provide the church with a comprehensible theology book. The response from students, churches and individuals has been overwhelmingly positive.

By God’s grace, the EBTC and EBTC publications had grown so much that we rented more storage and office space in Alt-Kaulsdorf (Address: Alt-Kaulsdorf 18, 12621 Berlin) in December.  

Online German Shepherds‘ Conference
Expository Seminar on the book of Job
In Class

January: Seminar on The Reliability of the Bible (for “Profitable Bible Study”) with Dr. Benedikt Peters  

January: Seminar on Church History with Dr. Tim Dane

February: M.Div.-Study Trip to Israel 

May: Online German Shepherds’ Conference with app. 1,550 viewers (Theme: “Courageous Churchmen“)

September: Exposition on the book of Job with Dr. Benedikt Peters 

Online TMAI Summit with all training centers worldwide

December: Relocation of the storage to the new location in Alt-Kaulsdorf 18

We are just praising God for all that he has done throughout these particular two decades of wonderful ministry there at EBTC. It‘s been a great pleasure to see how God has grown this ministry that has not just had an influence in Germany and throughout most of Europe, but has had a profound and very vital influence, especially in regards to the Christian church there that is committed to the authority and the superiority and sufficiency of scripture.
John Street
Professor for Biblical Counseling at The Master’s University



The EBTC has become a model for all the TMAI European training centers and has taken on an advisory role for Italy, Czech Republic, England and Romania. More than 1,000 students are being trained in the Word of God each year through the TMAI training centers in Europe.

The publishing work continues to grow with an average of 17 publications per year and 17 orders per day. We are especially grateful for the Pocket Guide series, Biblical Strategies, and the Fundamentals of the Faith Teacher‘s Manual.  

In Class: Ralph Knoll
Seminar on "The Fundamentals of the Faith“ with Dr. Benedikt Peters
In Class: Theo Friesen

January: Video Seminar on the Reliability of the Bible with Dr. Benedikt Peters

March: Video Seminar on the Foundations of Faith with Dr. Benedikt Peters & Matthias Fröhlich

May: German Shepherds’ Conference (Theme: “The Leader, His Home and His Relationships”)

I want to rejoice with you! 20 years of God just doing a great work in Germany and beyond. I am thrilled for you and just want to encourage you to continue to press on for Christ, for he is worthy.
Phil Foley
Pastor at Community Bible Church in Vallejo, California

The Fruit of
20 Years of Ministry

Bible Survey Graduates
Expository Preaching Graduates
Biblical Counseling Graduates
Profitable Bible Study Graduates
Master‘s Degree Graduates
EBTC Staff Berlin, 2013
EBTC Staff Berlin, 2013
EBTC Staff Berlin, 2016
EBTC Christmas Banquet, 2017
Summer BBQ-Party, 2020 (EBTC Families)