European Bible Training Center

The European Bible Training Center is a bi-vocational Bible school committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission through: teaching god´s word, training god´s people and serving god´s church.


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Who We Are

The leadership team of EBTC is a band of brothers united in truth to serve a common goal.

We are convinced that a thorough exegesis and application of the Bible are and must be the foundation of all ministry. We aim to support churches in equipping their members, especially the men who preach. Therefore, the emphasis of our training is on diligent exposition, powerful preaching, and faithful application of the Word of God. Our goal in accordance with Matthew 28:19–20 and Colossians 1:27–29, is to equip disciples for a life of service in Christ‘s church.

What drives us is the conviction and passion to preach the truth, protect the truth and persevere in the truth. After all this is what church is all about:

“…so that you will know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth.”

1Tim. 3:15b–16

Our Impact

Number of Graduates


Our focus

We Focus on the Church

Only faithful churchmen can train others to serve and love the church. We love the church and want to serve the church because that is what Jesus does (Eph 5:25–27). We train and equip men not only to serve the churches in German–speaking countries but throughout all of Europe. Solid biblical churches proclaiming the Gospel faithfully is what is needed. All of our professors either serve as elders or are elder qualified men. Our leadership team (Christian Andresen, Martin Manten, Theo Friesen, Matthias Fröhlich and Artur Jeske) combined brings 125 years of experience in the area of church ministry and 90 years in area of teaching in a training center context to the table.

Christian Andresen, a German who got saved in the US and trained at The Master’s Seminary started the EBTC in 2001 with two other men. The team was sent out by Grace Community Church under the leadership of Dr. John MacArthur. The first training center was in Berlin. The first graduating class consisted of 3 students.

By God’s grace EBTC has grown exponentially over the last 23 years. Today we have three campuses in Germany, one in Switzerland and multiple online classes. In total over 2,650 students have graduated and 350 of students are currently enrolled.

While we are blessed to see numbers increase, we want to be clear, that it is not about numbers in the end – it is all about faithfulness. We preach, protect and persevere in the truth to the best of our knowledge and capability and God alone can and will give growth as He pleases. Growth in numbers and growth “in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ“ as Peter prays in 2Pt. 3:18.

We Focus on Training Men to Serve the Church

To bring men and women to maturity in Christ they must know how to study, apply and teach the truth of the Bible — this is also called discipleship. EBTC is dedicated to reach all church members, and help them grow. It is about dedication and direction not perfection. As they grow we encourage them to apply and pass on what they have learned. This is how the church grows and the kingdom of God spreads.

We Focus on Offering Programs to Meet Actual Needs in the Church

Men are trained in the areas of pastoral ministry, shepherding and teaching expositionally the Word of God in their churches. Over the years we have developed classes from Bible Survey all the way to a Masters of Divinity program. We also started a book publishing ministry, a music ministry as well as a conference and seminar ministry.

We Focus on What Christ Focuses on

Christ will build His church. Our driving principle from the first day on has been to be a ministry from the church for the church. All of our staff are committed to this common goal and play an active part in their local church. This becomes evident in our weekly work schedule.

“All of them know that Wednesday is a ‘church’ day. On Wednesdays, even if we are in the office, they are meeting with people, setting up events, training others how to study the Word of God and any counseling that didn’t get the necessary attention on Sunday or other days of the week. Our staff is part of a handful of churches with 100+ people each: Eckstein, Leuchtturm, Gnadengemeinde, ECG Berlin–Hellersdorf, Bibelgemeinde Oberberg, Ev. Gemeinde Gevelsberg and Hoffnung & Licht.“

Christian Andresen
President of the EBTC

A Journey of 20 years

Visit our anniversary website to see the fruits of 20 years of ministry!

Field reports

EBTC Magazin

The EBTC magazine

Lesezeit: < 1 Minute Please continue to pray for the ministry of EBTC – especially today when Christians who are engaged in the publication and in the furtherance of the Word of God are increasingly under public and even private attack. It is our goal to pass on, in word and deed, the gospel of God freely and without restriction. To this end, we are asking you for your continued and increasing support afforded both individually and through your local church.

Startwochenende Bibelschule 2023

The 2023/2024 school year has begun

Lesezeit: 4 Minuten The 2023/24 school year began in September at three locations, the master level course „Theology I“ took place in the Czech Republic at the end of August, and the Isaiah Conference took place at the beginning of September.