Berufsbegleitende Bibelschule EBTC


Most preachers and active church members do not have the ability to interrupt their ministries and professions for an extended period of time in order to undergo biblical training. EBTC is a Bible school especially designed for people in this position: the classes are taught through a combination of distance and face-to-face study while offering a sound theological education from the basic courses up to the master’s degree.


Classes are held once a month (from September through June) on a Friday and Saturday. For Bible Survey and Profitable Bible Study, classes begin on Friday evening and end late Saturday afternoon. The more advanced classes begin on Friday morning.


Between the in-person weekends, students read and study on their own schedule. Homework is submitted online via a learning platform. The time required depends on the course and can vary from between approximately 9 hours per week (Bible Survey) to approximately 12 hours per week (Music Ministry, Biblical Counseling, Expository Preaching).

Provides an overview of the entire Bible and each Bible book (for men and women). Also available as an online course. (1 year)

Emphasizes the study of a biblical text with regards to message, intent, and application (for men and women). (1 year)

Helps musicians apply biblical principles to practical music ministry (for men and women in music ministry and all non-musicians who want to learn about the biblical principles of music). (1 or 2 years)

Provides biblical guidance for discipleship and practical counseling (for men and women in active church ministry). (2 years)

Prepares men for the preaching ministry and for pastoral leadership roles in the church. (2 years)

Equips proven men for pastoral ministry by training them to teach and preach God’s Word with diligence and accuracy. (6 years)