Bibelstudium mit Gewinn Bibelschule EBTC

Profitable Bible Study

This program builds upon the Bible Survey program and is available to both men and women. Church workers and volunteers will be trained and simultaneously prepared for the EBTC’s Expository Preaching and/or Biblical Counseling programs. Students can take what they learn in this program with its curriculum and directly and profitably use it in their churches.

“Do you understand what you are reading?“ – Acts 8:30

Reading the Scripture is good and right, but in order for us to live by it and teach it, reading alone is not enough. We must also understand it, because “The meaning of the Scripture is the Scripture” (John MacArthur, “Can We Know What the Scripture Means?“). 

In Acts 8, Philip asked the Ethiopian eunuch a crucial question: “Do you understand what you are reading?” In the Bible Survey program, the foundation for understanding the Bible was laid as the students learned to examine entire books of the Bible and make observations about individual texts. The Profitable Bible Study program takes those principles further, as students are taught to understand the statements, purposes, and application of the text in order to live in light of and be able to teach it – in personal devotions, in the family, in Sunday School, in children’s or youth ministries, or in various small groups.

The program is composed of the following courses:

  • Fundamentals of the Faith
  • Principles of Biblical Interpretation
  • Observation, Interpretation, Application
  • God’s Plan for the Church
  • Life in the Church (Philosophy of Ministry)
  • Language Fundamentals
  • The Reliability of the Bible (Seminar)
  • Redemptive History I – The Covenants of the Bible (Seminar)
  • Redemptive History II – The Central Theme of the Bible

Without sound teaching there would be no healthy believers – and without healthy believers there are no healthy churches.

Christian Andresen · President of EBTC


The Scripture is as reliable as God, the originator of the Scripture. It is God-breathed and therefore has divine power: It makes sinners into saints and saints into servants of God. He who wants to be a servant of God has to know it and must learn how to properly interpret and apply it.

Benedikt Peters · Professor


Do you want to not only read the Bible but also understand it so that you can live it and teach it? Then “Profitable Bible Study” is for you!

Martin Manten · Dean of EBTC Zurich Extension


A plant can only grow from good soil. Children of God only grow through the Word of God taught and lived.

Johannes Pflaum · Professor