Bibelkunde Bibelschule

Bible Survey

The Bible Survey Program prepares born-again Christians to study the Bible so that they can be strengthened in their faith and in their relationship with God. Through these studies students will also grow in their love for God’s Word. In this foundational year, students read through the entire Bible to see and grasp its central message. Through class lectures and homework, students also gain an important overview of God’s Word including the big ideas, the structure, and the literary form of each book. They will also be prepared to identify the main historical events and geographical locations of both the Old and New Testaments. Altogether students will have a better grasp of God’s working in the world through human history as he has revealed himself in the Bible.

This happens through:
  • Hearing a detailed investigation and exposition of each book of the Bible
  • Stating the main themes of each book and their relationship to the rest of the Bible
  • Learning how to handle difficult passages
  • Seeing God’s plan as it is revealed in the Bible in its proper historical context
The Bible Survey program is also available in an express, online format. The scope and content are identical to the traditional Bible Survey program, but the course takes place in just 7 months (November through June) and is entirely online (composed of a combination of virtual classroom videoconferencing, online videos, and self-study). 

Bible Survey OT/NT

The essentials of the Bible are taught in the Bible Survey Program (OT/NT). In only 10 months students will get an overview of the Old and New Testaments. From Genesis to Revelation, students will research the literary form, structure, and historical and geographical background of each book. As a result of this study, students will gain a better understanding of the biblical texts and their application for life and ministry in our time.

Practical Theology

This area of study is concerned with the application of what Scripture teaches, especially in the personal areas of our lives: sanctification and spiritual growth. Practical issues are addressed in this course, such as our roles as men and women in the church, in the family, and in society. Other topics include personal witness in the world, discipleship, prayer, dealing with one’s own sin, and cultivating the fruit of the Spirit. 

The student is expected to gain insight into the various areas of Practical Theology by studying what the Scripture teaches on each of the appropriate topics. The class is taught separately by gender, as some of the topics are gender specific.