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Daniel Herceg
Croatia (MDiv)
I completed the Master of Divinity programm at the EBTC in 2023. Throughout the six years I was able to build friendships, be encouraged, and learn so much. God’s glory was always the focus, and Scripture the single authority. The impact these years had on my life and ministry is immense. Thank you EBTC for these six years!

Janan Zaytoon
France (MDiv)
I serve as the pastor in the Evangelical Baptist church, France. Throughout the program, I was trained and prepared for the ministry and was also able to grow spiritually. The sound doctrine, the high view of God and His word, expository preaching and the fellowship made these years an unforgettable experience.

Julian Seibel
I am part of a local church in Germany. I serve in outreach and occasionally preach on Sundays. The preaching class has helped me in my character development, to grow spiritually, but it especially enabled me to correctly understand and interpret the Bible.

Johann Bestvater
My name is Johann, I am an elder at my local church in Germany. The preaching class has helped me gain a deeper theological understanding and has given me the tools for effective sermon preparation. It has made me aware of a preacher’s responsibility and has motivated me to carefully study the word of God.

Johannes Fenk
I am an elder at Biblechurch Glonntal and preach regularly. Through the preaching class of the EBTC, I have recognized the essential importance of expository preaching. I was taught how to carefully study the passage at hand, identify the structure and grasp the meaning taking into account the context of the passage and book I am in.

Thomas Sardi
In my church I serve in the youth ministry, outreach and preach once a month. Through the preaching class I now understand the authority of Scripture, sufficiency of Scripture, and its credibility. The class has helped me to examine and exposit the Bible and has shown me the value of the local church.

Ernst Feer
I work as a helicopter pilot for “Helimission” in Madagascar. The preaching class of the EBTC has helped me gain a firm theological foundation which is crucial when serving on the mission field. Now I am better prepared to present our mission task, and more importantly share God’s wonderful gospel with people in any given situation.