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Biblical Counseling

The Biblical Counseling program is geared towards regular church members who desire to grow in their ability to disciple others. It exists to advance practical biblical counseling ministry in the church and provide support for this very important work.

Biblical counseling is not a subject limited only to church leaders. It is the responsibility of every believer to encourage one another in love.

As in other areas of life, the Bible gives specific instructions and patterns by which our counseling ministries should be evaluated. We ought to consider how we can better serve our brothers and sisters in the faith according to the pattern Jesus has set for us. And what better way to serve your neighbor than to care for his or her soul?

When it comes to counseling we do not want to merely give advice. Rather, we want to come alongside our friends in word and deed with counsel that is specifically from the Bible. In this way our hearts and minds will be set on our sovereign God above so that we may honor and glorify him.