How We Train Disciples for the Church

Our Mission

Four key areas of our ministry play a vital role in equipping disciples of Jesus Christ for the ministry in the church.


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1. Bi–Vocational Bible School

Since most of our students are working full time in regular jobs, the bi–vocational format of EBTC has proven to be both efficient and doable for the men we try to reach.
All of our teachers also serve in their local churches.
All of our classes are hosted at local churches. Students who travel from afar get to enjoy the hospitality of families from the hosting churches opening their homes for them to spend the night.

2. Conferences & Seminars

Shepherd‘s Conference

Our annual Shepherd‘s Conference is intended to be a meeting place for pastors, leaders and church ministers where they find strength  for their ministry. Biblical instruction, encouragement, fellowship, motivation, new impulses but also times of recreation are characteristic during these days.

Conference on the Exposition of a Book
Expository preaching and having the meaning of the biblical text expounded can be understood best by experiencing it personally. The annual conference on the exposition of a book is open to believers who want to understand a book of the Bible better. In workshops the attendees study in small groups and are motivated to teach others in their churches afterwards.


Several topics are taught in a compact way and those attending can study it for 3–4 days. We offer training modules on church history, the inerrancy of the Bible, music in the Bible, conflict resolution and specific topics for biblical counseling. The modules are part of the Bible School curriculum and can be audited by guests.

3. Mentoring


Men who feel called to the ministry can get a chance to get their feet wet as they serve as interns at the EBTC and the local churches where our staff ministers. An internship can last from a few months up to two years depending on availability and purpose of the internship. We invite interns to walk alongside one of the churches where our teachers are shepherding.

Church Planting Workshops

Jesus gave His life for the church He loves and builds. Until He returns, the church is His preferred tool to grow the kingdom of God. Planting and building a church – just like building a house – requires solid preparation. Since a good number of our staff has experience in planting churches, we want come along side those who also see themselves called to this glorious ministry. We do not claim to be experts but we do have some hands-on experience combined with sound theology, hoping this will help future church planters.

4. Publishing

The publishing work at the EBTC began in 2008. We are grateful that since then we have experienced exponential growth. More than 110 books as well as various audio and video material has been published since then. With our publishing ministry we want to serve the church as a whole while also providing specific textbooks needed within the realm of teaching and training at the EBTC. In cooperation with Grace To You we started in 2023 to translate 500+ of John MacArthur’s key sermons into German.