Berufsbegleitende Bibelschule EBTC


1. What is the EBTC?

The European Bible Training Center (EBTC) is a bi-vocational Bible school. All faculty and staff acknowledge the inerrancy, sufficiency, and authority of Scripture.
We are convinced that the Word of God is a light unto our feet.

2. What is our Mission?

We believe that a thorough exegesis of the Bible and the application thereof are the foundation of all ministry – and necessarily so.  We aim to support churches in equipping their members, especially the men who preach.
Therefore, we focus on diligent exegesis and interpretation, powerful teaching and preaching, and faithful application of the Word of God. Our goal is to train faithful men for the ministry in God’s kingdom according to 2.Tim 2:2.

3. How is the EBTC funded?

Funding comes from individual supporters, supporting churches, school and conference fees. We try to keep tuition fees to a minimum in order to enable many to study at the EBTC, even though the actual cost is twice as much. We are thankful for anyone who would like to help us keep the tuition fees down through their regular support! From the outset, we have experienced God’s grace and faithfulness, and we believe that God will continue to use this ministry to bring glory to His name. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer!

4. What does the class format look like?

Our classes are offered in a combination of on-campus and online coursework to allow students to build their biblical foundation while working a full-time job and staying involved in church ministry. Over the course of ten months, students attend class one weekend per month (Friday through Saturday).

5. What academic programs do we offer?

The EBTC offers a variety of programs in German. The first-year Bible Survey Class covers the whole Bible. It provides a comprehensive overview of God’s Word and is targeted at both men and women of all ages. The program Profitable Bible Study builds on that foundation and is designed to help men and women deepen their understanding of the Bible. The students will be equipped to use bible study tools in their personal devotion as well as in small group ministries at church. This program also lays the groundwork for all the following courses. Expository Preaching is for men who are involved or seek to get involved in the teaching ministry at their church. In addition, they will be equipped for pastoral ministry and leadership roles. Biblical Counseling aims at training believers how to disciple others and give sound biblical counsel. Music Ministry is designed to teach believers how to apply biblical principles to the music ministry at their church. The Master of Divinity is an English program directed at men invested in teaching and preaching.

6. Other Ministries 

We hold regular seminars and conferences, such as the annual Shepherds’ Conference, as well as seminars on church history, biblical counseling, the inerrancy of Scripture, and on the exposition of different books of the Bible. We are also committed to translating and publishing media that promotes spiritual growth.

»Serving the church by training disciples for life is our mission. We focus on two eternal values that will have a lasting impact on the present generation and the generations to come:
GOD’S WORD: We teach the inerrant, authoritative and all-sufficient Word of God in an expository way. All programs of the EBTC are essentially focused on the Word of God and its application to every day life.
GOD’S PEOPLE: We focus on training God’s people to become all that they need to be to do the ministry in the local church and thus fulfil the Great Commission.«

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