From China to Germany: Tianyu’s Testimony


Born in China in the 1970s, Tianyu grew up heavily influenced by Marxism, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and other traditional folk beliefs. It wasn’t until the age of twenty-five, when he came to Germany to study, that he first came into contact with believers in Jesus Christ. As a result of those interactions, he began reading the Bible and going to small group meetings. Eventually, he came to faith in Christ when he realized that salvation is only by God’s grace—a free gift that cannot be earned by good works (Eph. 2:8–9). 

Today, Tianyu serves at a Chinese-speaking church in Berlin. “At some point,” he says, “I realized that if I wanted to be more effective in my teaching, I needed a solid biblical foundation, so I signed up for this program at the European Bible Training Center.” 

Tianyu chose to study at EBTC because he wanted to better serve and shepherd his local church—and he realized that rigorous, in-depth theological training would help him do just that. One of the most helpful things he’s learned so far? The principles of biblical interpretation: how to understand and apply a biblical text. “Rather than viewing Scripture through the lens of our personal experiences,” he explains, “Scripture itself needs to be the foundation for the interpretation of any biblical text.” 

Please pray for Tianyu as he continues to pursue faithfulness in his full-time secular job, his studies at EBTC, and his responsibilities to his local church. Praise God for His guiding and provision in Tianyu’s life—and for the students like him at EBTC who are being equipped to rightly handle the word of truth.  

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Was sind die Vorteile?

  • kombiniertes Fern- und Präsenzstudium
  • 10 Wochenenden: September bis Juni
  • Von Grundlagen bis zum Master
  • mehrere Standorte: Berlin, Rheinland oder Zürich